Christmas Gift Guide...

I created this Christmas gift guide, filled with some cool stuff any baddie in your life would want! Wether it's your bestie, mom, sister, whoever!

1. Silk robe
             2. Aesthetic candles
                   3. Rose petal bath soaps
        4. Cute choker set
                        5. Chloe perfume rollerball
                                              6. Rhinestone headphones (skinny dip)
          7. Marble notebook
                 8. O.P.I Metallic polish
                                     9. "I woke up like this" Coffee mug
          10. Vogue phone case 
11. Fur slides       
        12. Black backpack   
                          13. Sleek highlighting pallette 
                                                 14. T3 white and rose gold hair straightener
15. Sunglasses    


  1. hi kelsey this is so helpful. thank you! ilysm can i be in your snap:)

  2. ILYSM you are so important to me omg!!!

  3. Hi kelsey I love your videos so much and u are amazing and so is this blog. I'm kinda glad i found out about your awesome blog this early because then u might read or reply to this. I don't want to be weird on invade personal space or anything because even though i know u through your amazing videos you don't know me so i know this might be a little weird but my name is clare and I'm 14 almost 15 ( @Clare_423 not a self promo i honestly just have the smallest shred of hope that u might *care enough* to trying to be rude i swear, it's not that ur stuck up or anything no no no no please don't think that its just ur soooo amazing sorry* to even consider looking at this comment of my insta for that matter, my the way ur insta is sooooo aesthetically pleasing GOALS) and it would honestly mean the world to me just to have a conversation with u or just to have u reply to this. I know some you tubers don't like the idea of making friends with subscribers/ talking to them personally and that's totally cool i just figured I could at least comment and let you know how much you mean to me. i rambled a lot and i probably sound like an idiot..... it's kinda stupid for me to think someone as amazing, important, and busy as you would even have time to read/ look at this.

  4. Where is nr 12, the backpack from?

    Love you xx

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  6. Can you do a "What's on my Iphone" video?:)

  7. Yaayy a big congratulations Kesley for the 1 million subscribers. You are such a talented person and I admire you, you are my idol ❤️❤️. You doing amazing things keep it up girl and keep slaying with the new trends because you are a slay Queen 👸🏻 😍😍😘😘.I love makeup and fashion and I would love to win the giveaway because I want to start doing my YouTube videos. I entered 📸🌹

  8. love u can u do an upadated room tour

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  12. All too often, however, the expression on the face of the receiver is at best one of mild disinterest, and at worst one of disappointment.


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