Bummin out

Casual outfits are my THANG. If I can be totally comfortable, while still feeling confident and cool I am the happiest person ever. I feel like I have mastered the still fashionable, but complete bum look. I love styling sweatpants, sweatshirts, slides, oversized t-shirts, and anything comfy! Below I will list some my fav or most wanted classic yet cozy fashion pieces.

New Years weekend & resolutions

New Years this weekend was super fun, and exciting! If you follow me on snapchat you know that one of my long distance friends came down and I threw a little nye party. I really love throwing parties, blowing up balloons, getting all glam, making a bomb playlist.

Last year I made a new years resolutions that I VERY much surpassed and that makes me so so happy! I was at 25k on youtube hoping to hit 50k before the year ended, and I doubted I would make that. Here I am starting 2017 with almost 700k. Thats amazing. I am so grateful and happy that other humans enjoy what I enjoy! I love making videos and blogging and it feels good to know that other people love what I make! Keep doing whatever makes you happy and stay true to who you are!

This years resolutions:

- Spend more time with God
- Hit 900k+ on YouTube
- Hit 500k+ On IG
- Be more risk taking with my fashion
- Eat (only slightly) healthier because I love food lol

Lets hope I can get these done in 2017!

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