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Woahhhhh, it's been a while. I almost forgot I had a blog. My mind has been on so many other things, but I do want to continue blogging. Filming and editing two videos a week was really hard for me. I had only time for youtube and nothing else. I put one hundred percent effort into what I do, and i'm definitely a perfectionist. I had to go back to doing videos only on Fridays, so that I had time to focus on other tasks in my life. Now I can have family time, and more time to spend with God, but also just doing other productive activities. At first I wanted to focus on my Instagram, and almost turn that into a blog where I posted outfit pictures everyday with an extra photo. I learned hella quick that was going be super hard to do! That may happen when I am traveling, but definitely not everyday! So then I thought, lets start my blog again! I will try my best to post as often as I can, when I have inspiration. Thats the thing, I don't want to force myself to post, I only want to post quality content when I have inspiration! I feel the same for my YouTube videos. I was inspired to do "vlogmas", which is where I post a vlog everyday of December up until christmas. It sounds like fun, and a lot of work, but I feel like it will be freeing in a way. I wont have to worry to much about them being perfect and I can just be myself! Lets hope I can keep up with it everyday but no promises.

I love taking pictures of things, especially fashion and outfits. I love styling outfits for myself, studying trends, and shopping... a lot. Fashion is what I am most interested in! Blogging and youtube is my way of turning fashion into a hobby, and potentially my career working in that industry! People always ask what I do besides film videos. Well, thats a good question. Im a workaholic, if I am not doing something constructive I feel terrible, I love working and being productive. Now when Im not filming, I can be blogging or taking outfit photos for my Instagram. I can also start other projects, like eventually my own line of product, or creating new merch ideas.  | My IG : @k.els.e.y |

The goal for this blog is hopefully to be posting about once a week. If I give myself a date for things its easier to get it done. But like I said, I only want to post when I have inspiration. Here I can post the same pictures I would on IG, but I can also speak and talk with an audience which is wayyy more fun and interactive! So stay tuned, lets pray I don't get lazy and forget about this blog completely and write another "now im inspired" post in five months! I hope everyone reading has an amazing day! Below is a little mood board of inspiration for my blog, from my WeHearIt page.

Love Kelsey Xx

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